Local Support Team can act as your payroll agent and will deal with all payroll issues and correspondence from the Inland Revenue.

Local Support Team offer a local payroll service based in Priory Street Dudley. Our friendly and helpful team will process timesheets on your behalf, correspond with HMRC, perform year ends and answer any payroll queries along the way.

As an employer you would simply sign a timesheet to confirm the hours worked by your PA and send the timesheet to Local Support Team to process. You would then receive a payslip which would indicate the ‘net pay’ (after tax and national insurance deductions) payable to your PA and you would pay them in the form of a cheque or bank transfer.

It is your responsibility to inform Local Support Team of any change of circumstances, especially if your assistant leaves.

Please note if your PA receive any type of government benefit it is their responsibility to inform their job centre plus of any change to their circumstances.

PA’s that are not UK nationals need to ensure they are able to work in the UK. We advise them to contact the Home Office – UK Visas and Immigration