Under the Working Time Regulations workers are entitled to 5.6 weeks paid leave (holiday) each year based on the contracted number of hours the worker is employed to do. Local Support Team will help you calculate your staff’s entitlement regardless of whether they are full or part-time.

Leave year spans from 1st April – 31st March each year. If your PA starts half way through a leave year, Local Support Team will pro rata their entitlement down for you.
An employer also has the right to ask a worker to take all or any of the leave due on specified dates provided the worker is given notice before the leave is due to start.

Employers and workers can agree how and when to give notice of when leave is to be taken. The employer can ask for consent to be obtained from them before a worker commits themselves to a confirmed holiday booking or any other arrangement.

An employer can refuse a request for holiday if it is not possible to find a replacement at that particular time. This does not affect the worker’s annual leave entitlement. It is recommended that you employ two PA’s so they can provide holiday cover for each other, meaning you don’t receive a break in your care.

Otherwise, workers are entitled to choose their leave dates by giving notice in the same way that employers can. Assistants should take into account any other employer rules, which are in place. Such rules should be notified to workers in written documentation, e.g. written statement, contract or in a staff handbook.