The first question that needs to be asked is “why do I need insurance when employing personal assistants”? The simple answer to this is that, as an employer you have a legal duty to insure against accidents or injury to your staff, or accidents or injury caused by them while they are at work for you.

Accidents can happen in a number of ways. For example, your PA might fall down the stairs while doing the housework. Alternatively, they might have an accident outside your house while doing your shopping. In such cases, as their employer, you might be held responsible. Consequently, when employing a PA you must take it out.

Your insurance company will also offer you employment support and legal advice if you have any staff disputes.

Your insurance needs to be renewed every 12 months, your chosen company will write to you when it is time to renew. It is your responsibility to renew your policy. Failure to do so will put you in breach of the conditions of employing your own staff.

FISH insurance and Premier care are the two companies suggested by Dudley MBC. Local Support Team will provide you with more information about the two on their visit to you.

Funding for this insurance is provided by Dudley MBC and will be detailed in your care plan.